Emergency - Please Call 9990250011

Apollo Vet Care has excellent emergency vet services. These include general surgery and orthopedic surgery. We also have digital radiological equipment. Our knowledgeable staff is trained in animal life support and they can immediately start emergency vet care that focuses on airway, breathing and circulation/cardiac compressions the minute you and your pet arrive at the veterinary hospital. We use the most advanced surgical and sterilization techniques.

If your pet requires emergency care do not hesitate to call our veterinarians or come into the animal clinic immediately. It is best to call before coming in so that we can advise you over the phone and prepare for your arrival at the hospital. 

Emergencies in pet can include car accidents, poisoning, chocolate ingestion, lacerations and sudden illness. Signs indicating you have a pet emergency include: an open wound and bleeding, lethargic behavior, refusal of water or food, abnormal feces, vomiting and any other uncharacteristic behaviors. Becoming observant of your pet's regular behavior will help you to discern behavioral changes more quickly and in a critical care situation, every second counts.

Pet proof your home to keep your pet safe and healthy. All poisons, pesticides and medications should be safely locked away and out of your pet's reach. Make sure your gates and fences are in good repair and close easily. It's also a good idea to train all guests and visitors about your pet's needs and habits. If you have an exotic animal that requires a special habitat make sure that you always keep backup light bulbs and other essential items.

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