Your beloved pet can have heart problems just like you. Know the symptoms so you can get your companion the help she needs.

Heart disease leads to congestive heart failure. That's when your dog's heart has trouble pumping blood to the rest of its body.

Heart disease can affect one side of the heart or sometimes both sides. It can progress slowly and may take years to spot.

Your vet will want to know any symptoms you've noticed. He or she will want to know what she eats, what medications and supplements she may be taking, and if she is current on heartworm protection.


Take notice of these early symptoms of heart problems:

Coughing more than usual (during or after exercise or a few hours before bedtime)
Having a hard time breathing or exercising
Tiring easily
Pacing before bedtime and having a hard time settling down
More symptoms may develop, as the disease gets worse, including:

A swollen belly from fluid buildup in the lungs and other organs
Fainting because of blocked blood flow to the brain
Change in tongue or gum color to bluish gray because of poor oxygen flow
Weight loss as your dog loses her ability to store healthy fat
Getting a Diagnosis


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